2018 – 2019

Les Délices: Mozart in Paris  •  Apollo’s Fire:  O Jerusalem! Crossroads of Three Faiths  •  The Rose Ensemble: A Twelfth Night Celebration: A Tudor Christmas •  The Orlando Consort: Voices Appeared  •  Ronn McFarlane & Paul O’Dette: For Two Lutes - Virtuoso Duets from Italy and England  • The Early Interval: Musica Femina

2017 – 2018

Musica Pacifica: Dancing in the Isles  •  Fior Angelico:  Spanish Songs for Lamentation & Rejoicing  •  The Early Interval: A Twelfth Night Celebration: Mystery and Masque •  Flanders Recorder Quartet: The Final Chapter - Anniversary & Farewell Tour  •  Rebel Baroque: Caractères de la Danse with guest Baroque dancers Thomas Baird & Paige Whitley-Bauguess  • Mahan Esfahani: Carnegie Hall Solo Recital Program

2016 – 2017

Fior Angelico: La Serenissima Repubblica: Venetian Masters of the High Renaissance • HESPERUS:  Nosferatu (World Premiere)  • The Early Interval: A Twelfth Night Celebration: Old World, New World • Infusion Baroque: Rebels and Rivalries • Eya Ensemble for Medieval Music: The Three Marys, a 14th-century liturgical drama  • The Early Interval: A Due - Italy circa 1650, featuring countertenor Nathan Medley

2015 – 2016

Atalante: Lamentarium • The Wayward Sisters with Kathryn Mueller, Soprano:  Frenzy and Fire: Music Gone Mad • The Early Interval: A European Twelfth Night Celebration: Cakes and Ale • The Rose Ensemble: Il Poverello: Exploring the Life and Deeds of St. Francis of Assisi • Paul O’Dette, Lutenist: The Secret of the Muse: French, Italian and English Music  • The Early Interval: Secrets and Mirrors: The Music of Ferrara and Mantua

2014 – 2015

The Aulos Ensemble: A Tale of Two Cities • Hesperus:  The Hunchback of Notre Dame • The Early Interval: A British Twelfth Night Celebration • Ayreheart: Will You Walk the Woods so Wild? • Stile Antico: From the Imperial Court  • The Early Interval: The World of Alfonso the Wise

2013 – 2014

Heinavanker: Ancient Songs, Chants &  Hymns • Hesperus: The Mark of Zorro • Apollo’s Fire: Sacrum Mysterium, A Celtic Christmas • The Early Interval: A Mediterranean Twelfth Night Celebration • The Sebastians: Venetian Romance, Roman Vigor • The Early Interval: Under Tuscan Skies

2012 – 2013

Armonia Celeste: Udite Amanti––Lovers Beware! • Farallon Recorder Quartet: Amaryllis, Songs from the Renaissance Courts of Europe • The Early Interval: A Flemish Twelfth Night Celebration • Patrick Ball and the Medieval Beasts: The Flame of Love, The Legend of Tristan & Iseult • The Newberry Consort: Celestial Sirens • The Early Interval: A Spring Bouquet of Chansons and Madrigals

2011 – 2012

Asteria: Music for a Rash Prince • Dialogos & Sequentia: Chant Wars • The Early Interval: A Spanish Twelfth Night Celebration • Chris Norman & David Greenberg: Let Me in This Ae Night • Les Délices: Myths and Allegories • The Early Interval: Tristan’s Harp and the Werewolf’s Wife, The World of Marie de France

2010 – 2011

Apollo’s Fire: Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 • Plaine & Easie: Continental Connections, Across the Water in the English Renaissance • The Early Interval: A French Twelfth Night Celebration • The Orlando Consort: Amoré, Love and Marriage in the Italian Renaissance • The Early Interval: Spanish Splendor • Hopkinson Smith • Bach, Old and New

2009 – 2010

Anonymous 4: Secret Voices, The Sisters of Las Huelgas • Apollo’s Fire: Mediterranean Nights • The Early Interval: An English Twelfth Night Celebration • Flanders Recorder Quartet: Banchetto Musicale • Trefoil: In the Chamber of the Harpers • The Early Interval: Strike the Tabor!

2008 – 2009

La Gente D”Orfeo: Passion and Repose–A 17th-century Musical Extravaganza • The Rose Ensemble: Celebremeo el Niño—A Mexican Baroque Christmas • The Early Interval: A Mediterranean Twelfth Night Celebration • Venere Lute Quartet: Aery Entertainments • Ensemble Lucidarium: La Istoria de Purim io ve racconto–Music & Poetry of Jews in Renaissance Italy • The Early Interval: If All the World Were Paper–Entertainments at the English Court

2007 – 2008

Ronn McFarlane: The Food of Love • Piffaro, The Renaissance Wind Band: The London Waits–Musical Tale of a Fabled Renaissance Town Band • The Early Interval: A Colonial Twelfth Night Celebration • Ensenble Caprice: Gypsy Music • Pomerium: Musica Vaticana • The Early Interval: The Flemish Conneciton

2006 – 2007

The Catacoustic Consort: Secret of the Muse • Artek: Graveyard Music • The Early Interval: An Italian Twelfth Night Celebration • Ciaramella: Joyeux Entree • The Early Interval: 30th Anniversary Celebration • Hesperus: Robin Hood

2005 – 2006

Asteria: Flower of Passion, Thorn of Despair • Sequentia: Lost Songs of the Rhineland Harper • Rebel: Music for the Royal Hunt • The Early Interval: A Spanish Twelfth Night Celebration • Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: European Roots and International Flowerings • The Early Interval: Garden of Love

2004 – 2005

The Rose Ensemble: Cantiga! The Cult of the Virgin • Red Priest: Pirates of the Baroque • Flanders Recorder Quartet: Primadonna • The Early Interval: A British Twelfth Night Celebration • Liber unUsualis: Catherine’s Wheel • Apollo’s Fire: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons •The Early Interval: Music for the German Courts

2003 – 2004

Chatham Baroque • Edward Parmienter • The Orlando Consort • The Early Interval • Chris Norman and Steve Greenberg • The Early Interval: Treasures of Venice

2002 – 2003

Red Priest: A Baroque Fantasy • My Lord Chamberlain’s Consort: Awake, Sweet Love • The Rose Ensemble: Slavic Holiday • The Early Interval: A French Twelfth Night Celebration • The Early Interval: London c1700–A Portrait in Words and Music • Nancy Hadden Baroque Trio: To Touch the Heart

2001 – 2002

Rebel: Violin Extravaganza • Ben Bagby: Beowulf • The Early Interval: Spanish Spendor • The Early Interval: A Brassy Twelfth Night Celebration • Apollo’s Fire: Water Music • Fortune’s Wheel: Pastourelle

2000 – 2001

The Baltimore Consort: The Mad Buckgoat • The Aulos Ensemble with Julianne Baird: If Music Be the Food of Love • The Early Interval: An Italian Twelfth Night Celebration • Flanders Recorder Quartet: English Consort Music & Songs • Olde Friends: Over the Alps • The Early Interval: Return to Britain